All reviews for Raven Mysteries #1: Flood and Fang

  1. This sounds like a book that’s going to be very intresting a bit amusing and most of all frightening I hope I’m really won’t to read this.

    10 December 2012

  2. this sounds great. I love sacary books.

    8 May 2012

  3. This book is fantastic. A must read for all spooky book lovers! (like me!)


    8 November 2011

  4. loved it

    this is the best book i have ever read perfect for spooky story lovers

    27 September 2011

  5. loved it

    can’t wait t get the next book but i am no where near being perky i am a goth not a girly girl MUST HAVEBOOK

    19 July 2011

  6. liked it

    Flood and Fang is the first in a series of adventures set in Otherhand Castle. Narrated by Edgar the raven, the reader is told a quirky tale about the strange Otherhand family and what happens when a nasty looking creature is discovered living under the castle walls. Even more alarming the servants start to go missing and the castle starts to flood. Can Edgar save the day? I found this a very entertaining read that needs to be read in one sitting. It’s nicely illustrated with the added touch of each chapter starting off with unique insights about the castle and the residents. I eagerly await the next instalment

    3 March 2011