Claude in the City

Meet Claude! He’s a small, plump dog who wears a beret and a lovely red jumper. But Claude is no ordinary dog. He leads an extraordinary life! When Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes set off for work one day, Claude decides it’s time for a trip to the city. With his best friend Sir Bobblysock – a slightly grubby sock – Claude goes off in search of bright lights and excitement. And he quickly finds it! Together, he and Sir Bobblysocks have tea in a café, go shopping and visit a museum. It’s all very normal – until a criminal strikes!

  • A wonderfully funny chapter book starring Claude
  • Favourite character Claude now has a TV show
  • Alex T. Smith is a bestselling picture book star
  • His books include Home, Ella and Primrose

“Claude’s gentle adventures and Alex T. Smith’s irresistible illustrations make this a great book to share with children.” ABC Magazine

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  • loved it

    good book

    8 March 2014

  • This is about a dog called Claude who decides to have some fun in the city.

    4 March 2013

  • I loved Claude in the City because the illustrations were like you see in real life but in a cartoon way.

    Claude is like a dog that pretends to stay in bed until his owners leave the house. When the owners Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes do leave to go to work, Claude & his best friend Sir Bobblysock (who is a sock) have fun adventures.

    Claude isn’t meant to leave the house or to go into the city but he did once when Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes went to work.

    Claude likes to wear berets, and when he was in the city he saw a beret shop and couldn’t resist buying all the berets! Another building Claude and Sir Bobblysock visited was the Art Gallery. They got to see huge sculptures, small sculptures and very very rude sculptures. While they were in the art gallery, a robber came in and was trying to steal all of the art. The robber had a sculpture but with Claude was carrying his boxes of berets he bought earlier in the day and the robber ran right into him making the sculpture go flying!! Luckily Claude caught it and saved the day as the robber was caught!

    The book is aimed for 5-7 year olds and kids who really like illustrated books.

    Charlotte, age 8

    18 April 2011

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  • Photo of Alex T. Smith

    Alex T. Smith

    He’s the creator of brilliant, quirky picture books like Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion and the hilarious Claude series for early readers. We love Alex T. Smith!


    Alex T Smith won the 2011 Dundee Picture Book Award for Bella and Monty.

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