Fantastic Frankie and the Brain-Drain Machine

When Frankie Blewitt brings home yet another F-for-failure school report, it’s the last straw for his fussy parents, who decide to pack him off to boarding school. At first Frankie is relieved to be away from his horrible family. But then he discovers that something really weird is going on at Crammer Grammar! The sinister headmaster, Dr Gore, plans to turn all the students into robot-like boffins using his dastardly new invention, the brain-drain machine! With the help of his new schoolmates, a crazy French nanny and a poodle named Colette, can Frankie save the day?

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  • loved it

    Brain drain machine!!good book!

    7 March 2014

  • loved it

    It was really spectacular. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I red it, my eyelashes grew of amasement that I red it nearly 5 times! It was about a boy, who was really generous and he tried to impress his parents, but they were never, NEVER happy with him. The thing that impressed me most was that he always gets into trouble and he had a lot of crasy adventres. I’m gonna rate it 5 stars becuase I hate reading, but when I red this book I always tell my mum to buy me books.

    30 June 2012

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    Alex T. Smith

    He’s the creator of brilliant, quirky picture books like Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion and the hilarious Claude series for early readers. We love Alex T. Smith!


    Alex T Smith won the 2011 Dundee Picture Book Award for Bella and Monty.

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