All reviews for Angel Cake

  1. loved it

    I loved this book. Dan and Anya are a perfect couple. I love it soo much I ready it twice in one week. My most favorite parts are when Dan and Anya share romantic moments.

    Cathy you rock

    18 November 2016

  2. loved it

    This book was amazing I couldn’t stop reading it, it’s all about a girl called Anya and her family including Kazia her little sister, and her mum who lived in Krakow and moved to Liverpool so they could start a new life with their dad who already lived in Liverpool because of his job.

    30 September 2014

  3. loved it

    Angel Cake is about a polish girl called Anya who moves to England from Krakow, Poland. At first her life is tough because she can not speak very good English. Then Dan comes into her life and everything changes…

    9 August 2014

  4. Lov this book! Is Good!

    31 July 2014

  5. one of the best books I ever read its a must read

    13 May 2014

  6. Sounds interesting

    9 March 2014

  7. Angel Cake is such a loving story! It didn’t want it to end!!! You open the book while you open this other world where Angel Cake unfolds in front of you! Simply fantastic read!

    8 March 2014

  8. It is the best

    26 February 2014

  9. haven’t read it yet…....... looks really good though

    1 September 2013

  10. I like this one, it’s different from normal ones because you see it from the perspective of a girl that’s trying to fit in to a different culture.

    9 March 2013