All reviews for Seahorse Stars: The First Pearl

  1. I loved this book because it was full of adventures. It had some sad parts when I felt very sorry for Cammie but in the end it was happy. It made me smile and feel happy when Cammie got her First Pearl.

    Cammie was the main Seahorse and she was really nice and clever there was a Seahorse called Corinetta who thought she was the best Seahorse but Cammie showed her everyone was good.

    This was a really nice book to read myself. It had lots of pictures in it to look at too.I am looking forward to reading about Cammies next adventure and her next Pearl.

    Stephanie, age 7

    17 April 2012

  2. liked it

    I love this book because it is got good drawings which i love to draw and it got amazing wrting and that why i love this book.

    31 July 2011

  3. I read the Look Inside part on this website, and I thought it was really good.I really loved Cammie Sunbeam and the way she was so impatient.Recommended to 7+ year olds. Megan,11

    14 June 2011