Chestnut Hill #7: Chasing Dreams

A brilliant series for horse-lovers, made by the creators of Heartland. A school that’s all about horses: it’s our dream come true! Chestnut Hill is buzzing. A top show-jumping star is rumoured to be joining the riding team, while a hot new teacher is turning heads in class. But sensible Honey can’t help thinking that all the gossip is getting out of hand…

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    I thought this book would be mainly about gossip but it’s got a much more powerful moral that will make even hard-hearted people feel tears pricking their eyes

    Honey is devastated when she hears Minnie, her fave pony is going to leave Chestnut Hill after owner Patience has a change of heart but when Patience spreads wrong rumours in Chestnut Hill Honey knows the truth…. until she’s told keeping silent will allow Minnie to stay!!! Honey wants Minnie to stay desperately she doesn’t want to do it at someone’s expense!! What shall she chose?? I’d give this book 10 stars perfect for readers 9-15 and one thing I’ll say is prepared to be moved to tears at the end!

    10 January 2015

  • loved it

    Fab book

    9 March 2014

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