Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head

Nothing is ever normal at Odd Street School, where loud-mouthed Agatha goes. There’s mad Ivy, who always jumps down stairs four at a time – WAHOO! – and Martha, who is big and jolly and can sort out boys. Most of the teachers are weird, but the freakiest is Miss Barking, who wears safety goggles and gloves just to use the pencil sharpener. So what will happen when Miss Barking tries to chop off Martha’s head with a cardboard axe – and her head floats off and explodes? Meet cheeky Agatha and her crazy classmates in this nutty new series, written by the author of Murderous Maths and illustrated by the Mr Gum artist!

“Agatha Parrot is the most exciting new character I’ve seen since Mr Gum.” Leah Thaxton, Senior Publisher at Egmont

“A funny, ridiculous romp of a story!” Bookbag

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    ANYONE WHO SAYS THIS BOOK IS OK, IS WRONG! This book is FANTASTIC! OMG, it is so funny! Agatha cracks me up and I just laugh and laugh as I read and read! I read this the first time in my bed as soon as I got back from the library. I read the blurb and couldn’t wait to get reading. I actually hate reading but this book is practically the only book I read alone—and Mariella Mystery! ITS AWESOME! Guys if you haven’t read it, YOU MUST READ IT!

    5 October 2015

  • okay

    This book was okay

    24 August 2014

  • okay

    i didnt like it

    6 March 2013

  • liked it

    its a funny and lovely book if you have not read it READ IT

    30 September 2012


    11 December 2011

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    Kjartan Poskitt

    Kjartan lives in York with his wife and four children. He regularly performs at venues all over the country.


    Winner of the 2012 Sheffield Children’s Book Award for Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head.

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