All reviews for The World of Norm #1: May Contain Nuts

  1. loved it

    I think it was very funny and would recommend it to EVERYBODY! the first chapter is so good I don’t know how good the rest of the book is going to be. I hope many people will read this and forward their review about this great book. This book ROCKS!!!!!

    15 December 2012

  2. loved it

    I loved reading the first Norm book, May Contain Nuts. It is really funny when Norm nearly pees in his mum and dad’s wardrobe because he forgot he moved house. Get the book to read more laughs.

    28 June 2012

  3. liked it

    Norm(Norman)sounds crazy! i don’t know how he can mistake the wardrobe for the toilet! but his brothes are more dumb i mean why you call a dog simon cowel!.His grandad is cool but he has got the wrong end of the stick with Norm and Chelsea. out of five i would give it 4.9. its great everyone should read it. can’t wait for next book(;

    20 December 2011

  4. Norm is a good book, not the best but as I said, good. To be honest Norm is totally crazy at the beginning because he says the toilet has disappeared and forgot that they moved house 3 months before!

    Jonathan Meres has a good writing talent but the book was not that comical in my opinion, but luckily the funny illustrations make up for this. I know this because my brother and sister were laughing like mad when they were looking at the pictures.

    I rate this book 2.75/5 because it lacks the funniness of Jeremy Strong and Jeff Kinney books, a great debut but just not up there yet!

    Ben, age 11

    18 October 2011