Brownies: Friends Forever

Meet Charlie, Katie, Grace, Jamila and Ellie – five Brownie best friends! Katie and Grace have brought a friend to Brownies; their cousin Meggie from Australia. Meggie is a Brownie too, and she tells them about her Brownie pack on the other side of the world. Vicky and Sam, the Brownie leaders, suggest that the girls might like to do their World Guiding Badge, finding out about Brownies in other countries. Always ready for a challenge, the girls can’t wait to start!

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  • not for me

    It’s alright book

    5 March 2014

  • im to old to be a brownie but this book is still useful as it tells you about life like cooking!

    5 March 2013

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  • Caroline Plaisted

    Caroline Plaisted is a talented author who has written a number of titles for young girls, and lives in Kent with her two daughters – one of whom is a true glitter girl!

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