All reviews for Artemis Fowl Pack

  1. loved it

    These books are by far the best! They are AMAZING!I have read all the books in the collection several times and love Captain Holly Short. I know deep down she has a kind caring heart by the first impression was defiantly sassy!

    I have a mixture of emotion whenever I read these book I can never put them down and they leave me on my toes. I feel; love, hate, tense, suspense, happiness, sadness, pain, great desperation and relief! They are filled deeply with humour, adventure, thrill, mystery, fantasy, magic, crime. I just don’t know how Eoin Colfer does it. Every time i read them it just blows my mind. I recommend, no, insist you read these books! A must have for the top of everyones list!!!

    7 March 2014

  2. Love the fact. It is the first book I have read with a criminal hero.

    7 March 2014

  3. loved it

    I LOVE these books! Eoin Colfer ROCKS!!!! :)

    25 December 2011

  4. i haven’t read the books i want to buy the books in percian but i just can’t seem to FIND book 1!

    20 October 2011