All reviews for Frogspell

  1. loved it

    very exciting adventures and use of magic. I read this book and I became addicted and read the whole series

    31 January 2014

  2. loved it

    this is a grate book

    18 January 2012

  3. loved it

    I LOVE IT! its so cool! (even though i am 8)

    28 November 2011

  4. Hi ppl

    i really want to read this book please can you give me some idea on what it is about.

    I am a 10 year old GIRL who likes a great STORY. so tell me if you think i would like it!!

    thnx stuee246

    15 October 2011

  5. liked it

    Frogspell is about a boy named Max whose has a younger sister named Olivia and a father who is a Knight. Max has a few unusual friends, Adolphus who is a dragon and Ferocious who is a rat.

    Max is stuck in the middle as his dad wants him to follow him in his footsteps and become a knight but Max really wants to be a wizard and to enter the Novice Spell Making competition. Max doesn’t think he is that great but he wants to try at least.

    Things change when he knocks over a jar and finds out the it’s a potion that changes them all except Adolphus frogs! So they try to read the book that will help change them back, but Olivia can just about read the book to find out what they need. Max tries to get some of the ingredients but they have to sneak into the kitchen as the cook would get very mad if they got caught!

    Adolphus has to try to get the ingredients but he gets muddled up as he isn’t the most intelligent dragon as he thinks he needs to eat the ingredients then get Max out of the cellar. But when he goes into the kitchen, he finds Max at the same time the cook comes back – promptly telling him off! Adolphus runs off but the cook sees Max (the frog) and gives him lots of attention then kisses him which turns him back to a human. Max, Olivia and Ferocious (who are still frogs) run into the cellar. Max kisses Ferocious but he doesn’t want to kiss Olivia cause it’s his younger sister but he realises he has to. Soon they are all humans again and very excited about having a frogspell potion that could help win the Novice Spell Making competition!

    They keep practicing for the competition. Snotty, a boy who is Max’s main competition as he always wins, comes in when Max is a frog and says ‘Tell me your brother’s potion to win the Novice Spell and I’ll give you back the frog.’ Olivia tells him but Snotty still puts Max the frog into the moat. Max gets chased by a pike and climbs over a wall to escape. This is when Max hears Snotty and Jerome, Snotty’s friend, is kidnapping the Prince because the King’s half sister tells them to. They want the prince out of the way so they can rule the kingdom.

    Max, Olviia Adolphus and Ferocious all then try to rescue the Prince. This is where it gets really excited and fast pace reading.

    Will they be able to rescue the Prince or no? Will Max be able to enter the Novice Spell Making competition?

    The book is for 10 and older probably boys although some girls might enjoy it because Olivia, Adolphus , and Ferocious are really fun characters. Really enjoyed the illustrations as there were just enough to help bring the characters to life but not enough to take away from the book. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    5 September 2011