All reviews for The Chocolate Box Girls: Marshmallow Skye

  1. Everyone thinks summer tanberry is fantastic. But Skye, her twin sister (main character) is getting a bit sick of it. Her best friend even seems to prefer her. When Skye gets freaky dreams from the past, she keeps it to herself because there’s a gypsy boy she doesn’t want anyone to know about. This book is full of unexpected and sometimes creepy coincidences. * * * * and a half!

    1 March 2012

  2. Skye is a twin. A twin who has always been in a shadow. Now it’s her time to shine.

    1 March 2012

  3. loved it

    awesome book the first book i read of cathy cassidy’s

    22 December 2011

  4. This book was very very good. I read it on a journey and rushed through it as quick as quick!

    11 November 2011


    27 October 2011

  6. liked it

    this sequel was ok but i wanted to find out more about cherry. but it was good anyway

    9 October 2011

  7. i like this book

    3 October 2011

  8. I haven’t read this book yet but i really want to. I have read the sampler and it sounds amazing.

    13 September 2011

  9. loved it

    My fave choco box girl from best 2 last are:

    1.Coco 2.Cherry 3.Skye 4.Summer 5.Honey

    Honey is the wort one cos she is horrible to Cherry

    10 September 2011

  10. liked it

    I really enjoyed this book, it had a really good storyline. My favourite character is Cherry because when Cherry and her dad moved in with Syke, her mum, and the other girls Honey had a fight with Cherry and Cherry felt left out, but she still kept being nice to the other girls. My worst character was Finch.

    I think that the book was really good, but the whole idea of the ghost story was really boring.

    Safa, age 11

    5 September 2011