Lawn Boy

One day Lawn Boy is just an ordinary kid, mowing lawns to make a little extra money. But all of a sudden, he’s a business tycoon, and everyone wants to be his friend! It all starts when a boy repairs an old lawn mower and starts to tidy up neighbours’ lawns, hoping to earn enough to replace the inner tube on his bike. Before he knows it, his venture is doing a roaring trade. He can’t cope with all the demand – and soon he has dozens of people working for him, a grown-up business manager, and a cash mountain of half a million dollars. It’s a lot for one boy to handle. What will happen next?

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    Gary Paulsen

    Gary Paulsen is the acclaimed author of over 175 books for children and adults.


    Gary Paulsen received Newbery Honor Awards for Hatchet, Dogsong, and The Winter Room.

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