All reviews for Jacqueline Wilson Pack x 12

  1. loved it

    Fab-U-LOUS there are no other words to describe them

    12 July 2015

  2. okay

    I have read four books in the collection and the rest look awesome I want to read then so if sweet2005lovely could tell me about them I would be most greatful

    2 June 2015

  3. I love this book the story of tracy backer is my favrot because is funny and sad. Is mostly happy it ithck it is tooet me to undsand wore is like

    9 March 2015

  4. soo good read it love it

    3 March 2015

  5. liked it

    theese books are great and fun to read you will love this page turning book

    24 February 2015

  6. liked it

    They are dynamites. They have the entire package….and it is something many pre-teen girls can relate to.

    10 June 2014

  7. I love Jacqueline Wilson books. They are a perfect read for any young girl. I, and mostly everyone else probably, find it an impossible task to pick a favourite Jacqueline Wilson book as they are just so good!

    9 March 2014

  8. its good

    8 March 2014

  9. loved it

    this series is the best series ever! except from the harry potter series. but these books were so good they got turned into a tv series

    8 March 2014

  10. Jacqueline Wilson is a great author and I would recommend getting this pack as it has all the best books to read. I guarantee that you wont want to put a single book down

    7 March 2014