Rainbow Magic Pop Star Fairies: Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy

The performers at the Fairyland Music Festival have completely lost their rhythm. They’re about as graceful as elephants on stage – and it’s all because Jack Frost has stolen Vanessa the Dance Step Fairy’s magical clef! Can Rachel and Kirsty find it in time to save the big show by top dancers Groove Gang?

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  • B R I L L I A N T

    20 September 2015

  • I liked Vanessa the Choreography Fairy. Kirsty and Rachel are visiting the Rainspell Island Music Festival. Today, they’re taking a special dance class taught by Sasha Sharp; one of their favorite rock stars! But Sasha and many of the other kids are dancing terribly.Can Rachel and Kirsty find Vanessa’s clef necklace before Sasha’s performance is spoiled?

    2 September 2012

  • Really Good!

    22 March 2012

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