All reviews for Tom Gates #5: Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at Some Things)

  1. I loved this book. I wish for these to be longer tho :)

    7 April 2016

  2. loved it

    Tom Gates is AWSOME.Liz PICHION is the best all her books are amazing. I would recommend it to everyone.

    2 June 2015

  3. loved it

    It’s a great book and very easy to read

    9 April 2015

  4. loved it

    Loved this book recommend to anyone 7+ fantastic work Liz.

    6 March 2015

  5. loved it

    I really like this book because it is really interesting and funny .

    9 February 2015

  6. loved it

    This book is amazing. It is really funny and creative book.

    15 June 2014

  7. loved it

    another great book

    24 March 2014

  8. I loved this book absolutely amazing

    9 March 2014

  9. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! I couldn’t put the book down

    8 March 2014

  10. liked it

    I liked it was great best book I read this year

    8 March 2014