Hello Kitty: What Will I Be Today? Dress Up Sticker Book

A sticker feast of fancy dress make-believe. What do YOU want this pretty kitty to be? Maybe… a beautiful ballerina. A magical fairy. A sailor. A pretty princess. A cute Easter Bunny. A bridesmaid. There are so many choices! Mix and match the colourful outfit stickers any way you like. Then peel them off and start all over again to give Kitty a fresh new look.

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  • my daughter bought this book today from the book fair they were holding in her school, she loves this book, she loves choosing the things to put on hello kitty & her friends.

    she also loves it because each page is a different scene.

    i love it because it its nice bright colors & the stickers are nice & easy for my daughter to peel off herself, also love it because the stickers are reusable so she can use them over & over again. x

    19 October 2012

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