Rainbow Magic Early Reader: Belle the Birthday Fairy

We all love to celebrate birthdays – but no one does it quite like Belle! She makes sure these special days are filled with gifts, cakes, parties, joy and laughter! In Fairyland and the human world, Belle has the job of making birthdays as happy as can be. But there is one creature who is incapable of enjoying even this extra-special day: Jack Frost! And if he’s not going to enjoy his birthday, then neither will anyone else! So he steals Belle’s magical items, causing chaos. Will Rachel and Kirsty be able to find them – or will birthdays be ruined forever? Find out in this beautifully colourful easy-read version of a favourite Rainbow Magic story.

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  • The goblins are very funny and cheeky but shouldn’t do what Jack Frost tells them to do

    15 December 2019

  • loved it

    It’s a great book for early readers who love rainbow magic. I borrowed this book from the library and it was the first one I read out if the 4 I borrowed.

    10 April 2016

  • loved it

    This book is great!

    23 December 2014

  • it is a good book it is much easier than the normal wons this rainbow magic book is more for younger children . but I still think it is a fabulous it is super AWSOME

    11 November 2014

  • loved it

    I have read the other novel of this series phobe the fasion fairy i love them both

    3 November 2014

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