The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Graphic Novel

A graphic novel of the explosive Rick Riordan adventure featuring curses, Egyptian pharaohs and the ancient god of chaos and the night!

Carter and Sadie barely know each other, let alone their father, the brilliant Egyptologist Dr Julius Kane. But one night, their father brings them together at the British Museum to carry out an experiment which goes horribly wrong. An explosion smashes the Rosetta stone, unleashing a cruel and ancient evil: the Egyptian deity Set, the god of chaos and the night. With their father imprisoned in a golden coffin, Carter and Sadie must embark on a dangerous quest, racing from Cairo and Paris to the American Southwest to save their father – and their world. For it seems that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt are far from dead and buried. And, unfortunately, so are their gods…

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  • I only signed up for this account to read books i dont have and if i cant read books the im going to cancel my account.This web is dumb.

    14 July 2016

  • okay

    Why is the WHOLE book NOT available for reading? I mean I seriously logged in to read the book and it`s not even the whole thing!

    7 July 2016

  • why doesn’t it let you read it directly?

    4 December 2015

  • loved it

    So mush adventure and lots of action awesome!

    28 March 2015

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  • Photo of Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan

    Rick Riordan is blockbuster author of the best-selling Percy Jackson books, The Kane Chronicles and the Magnus Chase series.


    Rick won the Askews and Red House Children’s Book Awards for Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in 2006, and was named the US Children’s Choice Author of the Year in 2011.

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