All reviews for Princess Ponies #1: A Magical Friend

  1. This is a cool book. Full of magical adventure anyone would ever think. Well these are my thoughts on the book. Others can have any other thoughts about the book but I just loved it. Interesting part in the book is um. everything. I must say that the whole book is really interesting and simply mindblowing.

    4 March 2013


    28 February 2013

  3. I really liked Princess Ponies it was magical and full of adventure. My favourite part was when they found one of the horse shoes but it was quite scary when they were looking for it. My favourite character was Stardust. I can’t wait until I get my next book and to see if Pippa can find the other horse shoes in time. I think this book would suit girls 5 and older who like horses and adventures.

    Madison, aged 6

    18 February 2013