I Was There...: Escape from the Blitz

Grab your suitcase and hop aboard a steam train on a journey into Britain’s wartime past. Bombs? Rations? Gas masks? Be the kid who can say ‘I was there’! Betty has been evacuated from her London home to the posh country mansion of the formidable Lady Florence Musgrave. It’s very weird. Trouble is, Betty is hiding a secret in her suitcase: a fluffy feline stowaway named Shadow!

  • Illustrated historical fiction for young readers
  • From the home of the bestselling My Story
  • Just right for newly independent readers
  • Appealing mix of fiction and true facts

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    Tony Bradman

    Tony Bradman is extremely well known in the world of children’s books as both a writer and reviewer. He has had particular success with books for young readers, and his best known series to date, ‘Dilly the Dinosaur’, has been in print for over 10 years. ‘Magnificent Mummies’ and ‘Mummies in Memphis’ have both sold over 50,000 copies.

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