Beast Quest Special #13: Okawa the River Beast

Like a good Quest? Not afraid of a watery end? Need more collector cards? Read this. A must if you fancy a muddy mission and you have a soft spot for sea serpents. As you know, evil never rests in Avantia. It barely even takes a short nap. Now a deadly new enemy lies in wait for Tom and Elenna, lurking in his muddy river lair. Okawa’s favourite hobby is trapping unsuspecting travellers. Can Tom and Elenna escape the Beast’s clutches, or will they too be lost in the sludge?

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  • Adam Blade

    When he’s not writing Beast Quest books, Adam enjoys visiting museums and ancient battle sites. His main hobbies are fencing and football. Sadly, Adam does not have his own Fire-Dragon or Horse-Man, but he really wishes he did!

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