Geek Girl: Picture Perfect

First there was Gossip Girl. Now there’s Geek Girl: a brainiac turned catwalk model. She’s our kind of bezzie: beautiful, smart and funny. We all want to be seen with her. If you’re a top model, where do you go? New York. Now Harriet is biting into the Big Apple. She knows all the facts: population, industries, even its official motto. (‘Ever Upward’.) But what does she know about modelling there? ‘Becoming a brand’? Living Stateside? Romantic gestures that don’t come from your boyfriend? Zilch. Poor Harriet. She’ll always be a geek. But that’s OK: it’s this season’s hottest look.

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  • Photo of Holly Smale

    Holly Smale

    Holly Smale is the author of the incredibly funny Geek Girl books starring our favourite smart and funny braniac turned model Harriet Manners.


    Holly Smale has won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize (Older Fiction) and the 11-14 category of the Leeds Book Award for Geek Girl.

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