All reviews for Billy the Kid

  1. loved it

    this is a really sad book but it is brilliant if you like books about the war if you you haven’t read it then you should

    16 March 2014

  2. A touching story, but there was too much detail.

    9 March 2014

  3. liked it

    it fun and joyful and we got to learn about this in school for english

    5 March 2014

  4. A sad funny action packed story great

    9 March 2013

  5. More of a boys story but still sad

    6 March 2013

  6. loved it

    it’s a good short action packed book.

    6 March 2012

  7. I loved this short action packed book

    1 March 2012

  8. liked it

    Cool! I never knew about football in the World Wars. It is a very mixed emotion book.

    29 January 2012

  9. loved it

    Amazing, sad and beautiful, funny too. Its amazing how many stories Michael could fit in one small book!

    19 December 2011

  10. okay

    it was ok but i expected more

    22 December 2010