All reviews for Goodnight Mister Tom

  1. Only just watched the film!!! wonder if the book is as good!!!

    10 March 2017

  2. loved it

    I am really enjoying the book It also helps with my school work too I am still reading this book

    12 April 2015

  3. liked it

    Reading Goodnight Mister Tom was very emotional also seeing the film drew me more closer to the feeling which the author must of put into the book I loved it and the description is magnificent really helpful for English.

    2 April 2015

  4. liked it

    I really enjoyed this book when I read it, though it may not be my first to read again.

    10 March 2015

  5. I think this book is very emotional and you can very easily feel empathetic towards the young boy in the story who has been evacuated to the country. It seems he hasn’t had a very nice life so far with his mother and when he returns home, it doesn’t get any better. Overall i think Goodnight Mister Tom is a very heartwarming and emotional story that will leave you in tears.

    22 February 2015