A Company of Swans

Ever wanted to dance a ballet solo in the Amazon? Read on for dreams come true. Harriet’s life in pre-First World War Cambridge is as dry and dull as a biscuit. Her weekly ballet lessons are the only thing she loves. So when she wins a place in a corps de ballet that’s about to tour the Amazon, she leaps at the chance to run away for good. The grand opera houses in the lush green jungle are like a mirage of wonder. Falling in love with an exiled aristocrat makes Harriet’s new life complete. Swept away by it all, she has no idea that her father and intended fiancé are about to track her down…

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  • Photo of Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson

    Eva Ibbotson is the award-winning author of many books including Journey to the River Sea.


    Eva has twice been awarded the Smarties Book Prize, for Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan, and was awarded the Independent Bookseller’s Book Prize for One Dog and His Boy in 2012.

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