A Day at the Animal Post Office

Two cute little bears, one urgent letter – and lots of big fun! Jack’s best friend, Polly the polar bear, has gone to live at the North Pole. Jack wants to write her a letter. But how will it get there? Luckily Jack’s dad is a post-bear, so he takes Jack along to the Post Office. It’s full of letters – and cheeky ways to have fun! Sneaking into the photo booth. Popping bubble wrap. Weighing yourself on the postal scales. Jack thinks it’s all great! But how will his letter reach Polly’s igloo? Just leave it to the Animal Post Office. All they need is a van, a lorry, an aeroplane – and a sleepy walrus!

  • A gloriously funny look at the magic of the postal system
  • Sharon Rennta’s sweet and witty pictures are a real delight
  • Full of cute animals and funny details to spot and discuss
  • A great way to learn about how the Post Office works

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