Adventures on Trains #1: The Highland Falcon Thief

An interactive mystery set on the royal train to Scotland! Can you crack the clues and catch a thief – before you reach the end of the line? Harrison Beck has joined his Uncle Nate, a travel writer, for the final journey of royal train The Highland Falcon. He’s bored and grumpy. But as the train makes its way to Scotland, a priceless brooch goes missing – and suspicions and accusations start to fly! So Harrison starts to snoop into the case. And guess what? He needs YOUR help! Whispers in the dining car. Notes in the library. Strangers in the luggage car. Together, can you and Harrison catch the thief in time?

  • A breathless train journey where YOU solve a mystery
  • Full of intrigue, deception, puzzles and clues to crack
  • Thrilling fun with the feel of a classic mystery story
  • M.G. Leonard is the acclaimed author of Beetle Boy

“With The Highland Falcon Thief, M.G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman bring the classic mystery on a train bang up to date with a carriage-load of wit and suspense.” Ross Welford

“A thrill-ride of a mystery, guaranteed to be one of the most fun, atmospheric page turners of 2020.” Lauren St John

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