Alfie Gets in First

A funny classic with very sweet pictures. Guess what will happen by spotting details in the lovely artwork! Alfie and his mum and baby sister, Annie Rose, are coming back from a shopping trip. But when Alfie rushes into the house and slams the door, he locks himself in – and Mum out. Oops! Soon all the people in their little street are trying to rescue Alfie. But he’s busy with a plan of his own… One of the most touching and beautifully illustrated picture books ever. You’ll love how the door is drawn in the fold between the pages, so you can see what happens inside and outside!

  • A truly classic picture book by a best-loved icon
  • Over 11 million Shirley Hughes books sold worldwide
  • She has won the Greenaway Medal for illustration twice
  • “Shirley Hughes is a national treasure” – Philip Pullman

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