Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

What happens when book illustrators decide to write their very own fiction? Well, there are some awesome examples: think Philip Reeve and Chris Riddell. Now step up Laura Ellen Anderson – a brilliant artist who is bringing her own stunningly visual fantasy world to literary life. Fairies, angel-kittens and unicorns! There are two opposing worlds: the Light and the Dark. Amelia Fang lives in the Dark one. She might be a vampire, but she has a very kind heart. Now she’s on a quest to the super-scary Kingdom of the Light. Will she survive this dangerous journey? And is it really true that unicorns shoot killer rainbows out of their bottoms?

  • A gorgeously gothic fantasy by a gifted children’s illustrator
  • Full of yetis, unicorns, vampires and whimsical, witty artwork
  • Laura Ellen Anderson has illustrated Witch Wars and Dragon Rider
  • Perfect for younger fans of Chris Riddell and Neil Gaiman

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  • Awards

    Laura Ellen Anderson has won the Leeds Book Award and the Islington Schools Book Award.

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