Amelia Fang #3: Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief

Young vampire Amelia and her friends are entering a totally cool competition. The prize is a trip to Pumpkin Paradise Park – the most bloodcurdingly brilliant theme park ever! To win, all they have to do is sell as many cookies as possible, using the special Sublime Recipe Book. But the creatures and monsters of Nocturnia have started to act very strangely. Even more strangely than usual, that is! No one can remember anything – not their own names, or Amelia’s big birthnight party! What’s up with their memories? And how can Amelia save her friends when they’ve all forgotten who she is?

  • Part of a monstrously funny series full of gothic gloom
  • Full of yetis, unicorns, vampires and whimsical artwork
  • Written by the illustrator of Witch Wars and Dragon Rider
  • Perfect for younger fans of Chris Riddell and Neil Gaiman

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  • Awards

    Laura Ellen Anderson has won the Leeds Book Award and the Islington Schools Book Award.

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