American Girl: Tenney in the Key of Friendship

Tenney Grant is a star on the rise. She knows that music takes time and dedication. But so does being a good friend to her best buddy, Jaya. When a storm ravages the Bengali town where Jaya’s cousin lives, the girls set up a fundraiser to rebuild the local school. Meanwhile, Tenney starts rehearsing with Logan: a talented but stubborn young drummer. When the pair are booked to play at Nashville’s City Music Festival, it’s a dream come true for Tenney. But – oh no! The festival is on the same day as Jaya’s fundraiser. Is music going to tear these best friends apart…?

  • Inspiring fiction based on the American Girls doll line
  • Relatable story of dreams, friendship and everyday life
  • Strong characters whom readers will aspire to and emulate
  • Explores topical issues that affect children’s real lives

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