An Emoji Story: Sassy Girl

Ever wondered what emojis get up to when they’re left to their own devices, instead of popping up on yours? Of course you have. High-five! Now it’s time for the emojis to tell their stories. Warning: it might get emosh! Information Kiosk Girl is really stoked about her new job. She can’t wait to dispense handy info to all the emojis of Emojiville! But when some rude emojis start to ask all the wrong questions, she’s forced to turn into a sass queen. What’ll go down now that she’s got a sassy comeback for everyone?

  • On-the-button fun for the digital generation
  • A loveable emoji tells her own unique story
  • See how Sassy Girl found her true identity
  • Witty mix of colour artwork and online slang

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