Animal Ark #9: The Lost Kitten

Helping animals, having fun! If a creature is poorly, or hungry, or lost, the busy vets and volunteers at Animal Ark will soon get it back on its feet. Now Amelia and Sam have found a lost white kitten out in the wild. But why does her behaviour seem slightly strange? With the help of the vets at Animal Ark, they work out that the lost kitten is deaf, and they manage to track down her owners. Because she can’t hear, it’s safer for Tinkerbell to stay inside. But she really wants to explore! Can Amelia and Sam find a way to make this brave kitty’s garden safe enough to play in?

  • Charming short fiction from this newly relaunched series
  • Just right for fans of Holly Webb and the RSPCA books
  • Aspirational reading with themes of kindness and helping
  • Perfect for building enthusiasm and reading confidence
  • The original classic series sold over 20 million copies

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