Baby Bear Sees Blue (Board Book)

Truly special. A colours book with the joy of a rainbow and the loveliest art you’ve ever seen. Every move this bear cub makes looks so pure and real it’s like a spring morning come alive. From the moment he wakes until he curls up to sleep, Baby Bear explores the forest with his mama. (And looks simply adorable doing it.) They see green leaves, blue jays, brown trout and the yellow sun… Beyond lovely: a story full of wonder. This cuddly black bear is our favourite colour of all.

  • A truly beautiful tale of exploration and discovery
  • Delightful stuff by bestselling author Ashley Wolff
  • Explores the colours of nature and the times of day
  • Celebrates the bond between a bear cub and his mama

“Enchanting watercolors convey an idyllic natural world and a strong parent-child bond.” School Library Journal

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