Bad Girls

‘Kim’s gang had better watch out! Because Tanya’s my friend now, and she’ll show them!’

Mandy’s been having a rotten time at school ever since her used-to-be best friend Melanie started picking on her. But now she has a new friend instead: cheeky, trendy, daring Tanya, who has an unhappy life but doesn’t seem to care. Tanya likes Mandy – she reminds her of her own sister, who’s in care – and the two soon become fast friends. But Mandy’s mum isn’t happy. She thinks Tanya’s a BAD GIRL and a bad influence. And when Tanya starts pinching things, it seems as if Mandy’s mum might be right… Jacqueline Wilson delivers the goods yet again with this close-to-the-bone look at friendship, bullying, and what happens when friends turn on one other.

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    I have never read this book, but it looks interesting. And I love the front cover-it’s so colourful and pretty.

    24 October 2016

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