Beast Quest Early Reader #1: Vedra and Krimon

Small heroes: don’t be left at home. A colour mini mission. Huge Beasts. Short text. Great news! The immense Beast Quest series finally has amazing stories for younger warriors like you. Heroic quests that make your blood burn hotter. Now in shorter books with colour pictures. A miracle has come to Avantia. Twin dragons – Vedra and Krimon – have hatched from a single sacred egg. Can Tom defend the baby dragons from the evil wizard Malvel? Come and test your courage.

  • Full-colour early reading from a hugely popular series
  • Simplified version of a favourite Beast Quest story
  • Ideal for younger fans of the Beast Quest world
  • A great way to motivate children to read alone

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  • Adam Blade

    When he’s not writing Beast Quest books, Adam enjoys visiting museums and ancient battle sites. His main hobbies are fencing and football. Sadly, Adam does not have his own Fire-Dragon or Horse-Man, but he really wishes he did!

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