Bedknobs and Broomsticks

A magical classic. A witch and three children find out where magic can take them! When prim and proper Miss Price from next door falls off her broomstick, Carey, Charles and Paul realise that she’s actually a witch. Needless to say, Miss Price doesn’t want people to know her secret. So, in order to keep the kids quiet, she gives them a special gift. It’s an enchanted bedknob – and it can whisk them anywhere they like! Into the past, into the future or all around the world. From wartime London to a tropical island and a witch-hunt in the 1600s, adventure is everywhere! Hop aboard if you want to find it!

  • A best-loved classic novel full of wondrous magic
  • By Mary Norton, most famous for The Borrowers
  • The book that inspired the animated Disney film
  • A challenging read to stretch young imaginations

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