Best and Buzzworthy 2017

What’s buzzing in 2017? Don’t guess wrong – look in here! Think your fave pop magazine meets the Guinness Book of Records, and you’ve imagined this! OK, we know it’s hard to keep up with your homework and a whole planet’s must-know trivia, news and chat. But this book does it for you (phew). Basically, your preview and roundup of all the biggest and best events, moments, world records, topics and trends. The ones that went viral – and the ones that are about to! Movies, sports, nature, celebs, music and heaps more, all in a cool graphic format chock-full of fun lists and colour photos.

  • An ultra-cool guide to everything that’s big in 2017
  • 320 pages of facts, photos and must-know trivia
  • A whole world of knowledge, from science to sports
  • Brilliant mix of records, charts, news and trivia

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