Beyond Platform 13

A new sequel! The mist is vanishing. The secret isle is under siege. Will the magic of Platform 13 be lost forever? For years, King’s Cross Station has hidden a secret: a magical door that leads to an island kingdom of monsters. But now it’s all going horribly wrong. The Island of Mist is losing its mist, and Prince Ben and all the monsters are in hiding. What’s going on? In search of answers, Odge Gribble travels to Vienna in search of a mistmaker expert. But instead he finds Lina: a nine-year-old girl looking for adventure. Helped by friends old and new, and some very interesting magic, Odge and Lina must restore the precious mist and save the island…

  • A fabulous new sequel to The Secret of Platform 13
  • Set nine years after the events of that classic story
  • By the brilliant author of Witch Wars and Bad Mermaids
  • Celebrates 25 years of Eva Ibbotson’s original novel
  • Wonderfully magical and full of exuberant illustrations

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