Bodyguard #2: Ransom

Looks like an overgrown kid. Fights like a deadly adult. At fourteen years old, martial arts expert Connor Reeves isn’t your typical bodyguard. That’s why he’s so good at it. Connor has survived his first mission (just). Now it’s time for round two: a sea voyage on a luxury yacht. Envy, kind of. His job is to protect the twin daughters of an Australian media mogul. It’s a watertight operation – until the unthinkable happens. Far out to sea, trigger-happy pirates hijack the yacht, demanding multi-million-dollar ransom. The big flaw in their plan: they don’t know Connor Reeves is aboard…

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  • Photo of Chris Bradford

    Chris Bradford

    Chris Bradford is the author of the action-adventure martial arts Young Samurai series.


    The Young Samurai series has won the Sasakawa award, and the 2011 North Ireland Book Award for Ring of Earth.

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