Boy Zero Wannabe Hero: The Petrifying Plot of the Plummeting Pants

Is it a falling bird? Is it a crashing plane? No – it’s Boy Zero, Wannabe Hero! His superpowers are so pathetic that the Super School has rejected him, and now he’s facing a bleak future as a TV game show host. But Boy Zero’s dreams are much bigger than that! And when General Pandemonium, the galaxy’s most sensational super-villain, wages war on Earth with his deadly new weapon, the Undie-Taker-Downer, this could be Boy Zero’s big chance. All the planet’s pants, and superheroes, are on the verge of being totally vaporized! But can Boy Zero take the General down – before the General takes everybody’s undies down? Will he prove to be a true superhero – or a super-zero?

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