Brave Little Owl

Poor Little Owl is teased by her brothers when her every attempt at flying ends in disaster. Grandma’s birthday is coming up and Little Owl is determined to show her just how brave she is. Her friends try to explain that lots of things can seem scary at first. Can she face her fears and learn to soar? Or will her dreams plummet as Little Owl’s nerves take over? It’s the biggest day of Little Owl’s life. She can only hope it will be her bravest too.

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  • Penny Little

    Penny Little is the author of The Biggest Hole in the World novelty picture book for Hodder, as well as an 8-book baby series called Furry Tales, also for Hodder. Penny is represented by Philippa Milnes-Smith, works in PR, has two young children and lives in Devon.

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