Brownies: Dance Dash

When the 1st Badenbridge Brownies decide to hold a dance event to help a local children’s charity, it’s Grace’s chance to shine! She plans a special dance routine which will be performed in different locations around Badenbridge – a great way to raise awareness AND celebrate the Girlguiding UK Centenary. All the Brownies spend every spare moment practising. But will the girls learn the steps in time?

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  • this book is really good. In my opinion it was a page turner.

    I recommend it for all ages.

    8 August 2015

  • I love this books its totaly awesome. *12

    18 May 2013

  • I love this book I couldn’t stop reading it.

    8 March 2013

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  • Caroline Plaisted

    Caroline Plaisted is a talented author who has written a number of titles for young girls, and lives in Kent with her two daughters – one of whom is a true glitter girl!

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