Camilla the Cupcake Fairy

It was ever so shiny and sparkly and new. Her very first wand! But what would it do?

When her sparkly new wand arrives in the Pink Fairy Post, Camilla thinks her dreams have come true. She can’t wait to try out all sorts of magic! But when Camilla tries to conjure up a beautiful decorated cupcake, none of her spells will work! She manages to create a little mouse, and cover her cupcake with mashed potato, and even give it a frosting of real snow. But will Camilla ever produce the tasty treat she’s wishing for? Well… with the help of some good friends, she finds out what this special wand can really do! A gorgeously pretty and funny story which celebrates friendship and teamwork, packed with bouncing rhymes and deliciously bright pictures.

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    I like this book and the other ones in the series. They are good girlie books and nice to read and I like all the fairy names

    7 March 2014

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