Can You See Me?

Fact: life is tricky. But it’s triple times tricky if you’re like Tally. Co-written by a girl with autism, this is a powerful story about being different in a world that doesn’t always understand you. Tally is eleven, and she’s just like her friends. Well, sometimes she is. If she tries really hard to be. But there’s something that makes Tally not the same as her friends. Something she can’t ignore, no matter how hard she tries. Tally is autistic. It really bothers her if colours don’t match, or objects aren’t in order, or things aren’t exactly right. And when Tally gets fussed, she upsets other people. They think she won’t guess how they feel. But Tally notices all of it. And that can make life tough…

  • A heart-tugging story of autism, empathy and kindness
  • Co-written by eleven-year-old autistic blogger Libby Scott
  • The other author is Rebecca Westcott of Dandelion Clocks
  • A must-read for fans of Wonder and The Goldfish Boy

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