Captain Firebeard's School for Pirates #2: The Sneaky Sweet Stealer

Back to school! Wait – don’t cry: we mean pirate school. Cutlasses and sea monsters! At Captain Firebeard’s School for Pirates, you won’t be cooped up in a classroom. You’ll be tying your favourite bandana, and taking lessons in walking the plank! But this term, something fishy is up aboard the Rusty Barnacle. Who is stealing sweets from Liquorice Len’s tuck shop? When Tommy and his mates get the blame, they decide to solve this swashbuckling mystery. But no one expects the culprit to be a hungry sea monster!

  • Second in this hilarious, swashbuckling pirate series
  • Full of suspense, humour and fantastic two-tone artwork
  • Witty short novel which is great for building confidence
  • Chae Strathie won the Scottish Children’s Book Award

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  • Awards

    Winner of the 2012 Dundee Picture Book Award for The Loon on the Moon and the 2013 Scottish Children’s Book Award for Jumblebum.

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