Casper Candlewacks in Death by Pigeon!

Most villages have an idiot – but Casper’s village is full of them! He’s the only boy with any sense there! But being bright makes poor Casper something of an outsider. And when a famous magician, the Great Tiramisu, curses the whole village, Casper’s father is blamed – and sentenced to death by pigeon! Now it’s up to Casper and his best friend to find the magician, reverse the curse and save the day… A deliciously daft comic caper from a fantastic new voice in children’s fiction.

“A funny and engaging debut.” Jeremy Strong

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  • I recently read this book for a book reveiw i had to do at school to be put in the newspaper, and i actually LOVED IT! i wouldn’t actually pick this book up in a store and want to read it straight away. I think anyone of any age would love this book 4 stars!

    12 May 2012

  • loved it


    9 February 2012

  • loved it

    it is funny

    10 July 2011

  • loved it

    This is a fast action packed story of Casper and his friend Lamp and how they rescue their village Corn on the Cob from the evil curse of The Great Tiramisu. This was an enjoyable fun read that could change direction at any moment and kept me turning pages. The characters were believable and came in a wide range of ‘flavours’ and were representative of real life but in a wacky way. I would recommend this book to children aged 8 and up.

    George, age 11

    My favourite scene is when they were in Upper Crustenbury when the bubble buggy made a soap river.

    My favourite character was the great tiramisu, he had a funny accent.

    I rate this book 5/5, almost funnier than Jeremy Strong.

    Ben, age 11

    9 May 2011

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