Catwad: It's Me

A new cartoon hero! This crabby tabby has a unique take on life – and he wants to tell you all about it! Catwad isn’t your typical cat. He’s blue, for a start. Oh, and he almost never purrs. That’s right: this moggy is a bit of a grouch. If he was human, you’d say he was a glass half empty kind of guy. So it’s lucky that his best friend, a dim-witted cat named Blurmp, always looks on the bright side. From pizza and computers to love and purrfect happiness, find out how Catwad sees life!

  • Hilarious fun with a grouchy but loveable hero
  • Short stories filled with witty colour cartoons
  • By New York Times bestselling author Jim Benton
  • Jim is the author of the Dear Dumb Diaries series

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  • Photo of Jim Benton

    Jim Benton

    Jim Benton is the US author and illustrator of the hugely popular Happy Bunny and Dear Dumb Diary series.

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