Christopher Pumpkin

The creators of Supertato and Cake love to write about food that defies expectations. And now it’s time to say hello to Christopher Pumpkin. Have you ever heard of a Halloween pumpkin who doesn’t want to be scary? Nor has anyone else – until Christopher is magicked to life by a witch. At first, he’s delighted. The witch wants him to prepare for a party! He can’t wait to hang up colourful bunting and bake pretty fairy cakes! But hang on. This is a seriously spooky party in a creepy castle, where Chris must hang cobwebs and cook curried slugs. Ugh! How revolting! What’s a pumpkin to do?

  • A heartwarming rhyme by the authors of Supertato
  • A story about being yourself and blazing your own trail
  • Hilariously spooky artwork by top illustrator Nick East
  • The perfect read-aloud treat for Halloween and autumn
  • Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet have sold over a million books

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  • Photo of Sue Hendra

    Sue Hendra

    Sue Hendra is the wonderfully funny, award-winning author and illustrator of picture books like Barry the Fish with Fingers.


    Sue Hendra won the Bishops Stortford Picture Book Award for her picture book Dave (illustrated by Liz Pichon) and the Lollies Best Laugh Out Loud Picture Book Award for I Need a Wee (illustrated by Paul Linnet).

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